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Content Ranking - A good way to find suppliers

Content Ranking - A good way to find suppliers

In order to assist you with finding the suppliers who have the products, services, and expertise to meet your needs, has introduced content rankings into our supplier lists.  The content ranking is a function of how much information the supplier has posted.  In fact, if you are looking at the category 'Water/Wastewater' under our Industry listings, the content ranking tells you how much information the supplier has provided for that category.  Information can be of any type; news, articles, jobs, product description, service descriptions, and events.  At, we strive to bring you the content you need.

We do not recommend that you confine your search to only suppliers with high ranks but it is a good indicator of the speciality of the supplier and a higher probability that the supplier will be a good match for refining your search. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by e-mail at

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