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Check out this Journal article on a new Free open source ELN for Chemists

I think this is something that has been needed for a while for chemists. Here is the journal article from the Journal of Cheminformatics:

I am setting up a test environment for this ELN and if it works out, I will add it to the site under Cloud Apps so that anyone interested in trying it out and using this app can do so freely. Don't forget that LIMSforum currently hosts the sciNote ELN as well at:

We are always on the lookout for free open source lab informatics applications to host at LIMSforum for all of our members to use freely. Please read over the journal article and post your thoughts about this particular ELN.

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Posted by: LABLynx, Inc. on Nov 08,17| Profile| ELN - Electronic Lab Notebook


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