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How a LIMS Implementation Enhances Data Quality for Your Environmental Testing Lab

How a LIMS Implementation Enhances Data Quality for Your Environmental Testing Lab

Introduction: Protection of the environment and improving its quality are imperative for human beings, plants, aquatic organisms, and for a balanced ecosystem. An environmental laboratory serves as a fundamental cornerstone in assessing the quality of our environment. An environmental testing laboratory performs a wide array of tests on environmental samples such as soil, wastewater, potable drinking water, air, sludge, sediments, and samples collected from the sources of pollution such as industries, domestic and agricultural wastes, automobiles, etc. Environmental laboratories typically perform two types of tests, qualitative and quantitative tests. Qualitative tests are performed with the objective of identifying the constituents present in a sample, whereas quantitative tests determine the concentration of analytes or pollutants present in a sample. Different environmental laboratories perform different types of tests. For example, water testing laboratories perform physicochemical tests, microbiological, and biological examination of water samples. Air testing laboratories perform ambient air monitoring and analysis, source emission monitoring, analysis of volatile and semi-volatile compounds in air samples, etc. Similarly, soil testing laboratories perform tests on soil samples obtained from various sources and locations to investigate the presence and/or quantity of soluble salts, macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients such as iron, manganese, boron, etc.

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