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Drive Data Sharing, Collaborative Research Among the Network of Biobanks Using Cloud

Drive Data Sharing, Collaborative Research Among the Network of Biobanks Using Cloud

Abstract: Biobanks play a pivotal role in biomedical research. To facilitate research for improving the health and welfare of individuals, communities and population, sharing of biospecimens along with health-related data among the collaborators is crucial. Biospecimens along with their associated clinical data offer an invaluable resource to researchers and clinicians trying to identify biological traits that can help them select personalized treatments for each patient. Hence, sharing of this data in a systematic and standardized way among the collaborating partners—including biobanks and biorepositories, pharma and biotech companies, and contract research organizations— is imperative to ensure effective use of tissue, blood and other biospecimens that are donated by patients. Furthermore, sharing of an individual's data should be ethical, legally compliant and must occur in an environment where privacy of the individual is safeguarded throughout the lifecycle of a repository's initiatives, regardless of the location where the data is stored, sent and ultimately processed.

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