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Interfacing instruments, data systems, and information systems to LIMS: It can wait!

In the Laboratory Informatics (LIMS, ELN, LES, SDMS, etc.) universe, the value of interfacing and/or integrating lab instruments, lab data systems, business systems, and other enterprise information systems (i.e. ERP, MES, etc.) to your LIMS has been well known and documented.  These types of interfaces, and the information and knowledge that can be garnered from them, often are some of the biggest business drivers for implementing a LIMS.  Additionally, these interfaces are major sources of efficiency gains, increasing collaboration, and facilitating fast decision making.  The benefits are clear, but why is it that interfacing systems and instruments to a LIMS tends to be one of the last things done during a LIMS implementation if it is done at all? [Read More]


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