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Challenges Facing Research Institutions and Startups when Implementing ELN Solutions

When - Tuesday, June 13 @ 1PM EST

Laboratory informatics solutions, such as Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) and Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS), are essential elements of the modern electronic laboratory that drive process efficiencies, data transparency, timely decision making, and protection of intellectual property. In research institutions and startups, adoption of these systems in on the rise, but not without key challenges since many well-known solutions were designed with commercial laboratories in mind, e.g., for QC testing.

Key cultural and organizational differences exist in research institutions that drive decisions around funding, timing, adoption, and data access.

This panel discussion will explore some of the current challenges, with a focus on how academic institutions are mitigating these issues.
Solutions and thinking for next-generation platforms will also be covered, providing valuable feedback to the software vendor community.
In this webinar, you will learn:
• The challenges associated with adopting a single, centralized ELN in the academic research environment.
• The impact of institutional policies and funding on the process of procurement and adoption
• Tips for implementing laboratory informatics platforms at academic institutions
• Implications and suggestions for ELN software vendors
• About the need to advance standards for data interoperability

Who Should attend:
• Research IT leadership responsible for the management of laboratory data and systems.
• Scientists interested in learning more about the use of ELNs in academic institutions.
• Sponsor and CRO companies interested in facilitating collaboration with academic institutions.
• ELN software vendors 

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