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Harnessing Cloud Technology for Biobank Informatics in the Age of Precision Medicine

Harnessing Cloud Technology for Biobank Informatics in the Age of Precision Medicine

In this era of precision medicine, biobanks play a very crucial role in accelerating the discovery and development of new drugs. The primary goal of a biobank is to store and manage massive volume of clinical, molecular and patient data generated from high-throughput methods such as microarray and next-generation sequencing. This data has the potential to improve the understanding of diseases, leading to accurate diagnoses, better treatment, and development of novel therapies. The huge volume of data necessitates biobanks to use appropriate data management solutions. However, traditional laboratory information management systems (LIMS) require heavy investment in IT infrastructure that may be unaffordable for small to medium-sized biobanks. In this situation, an in-the-cloud LIMS provides a financially viable alternative to traditional LIMS.

There are several challenges faced by biobanks in acquiring traditional laboratory management software. As a result, they end up using spreadsheets, lab notebooks, and other in-house software for storing and managing the data. Such methods are typically error-prone, time consuming, need manual intervention and make data retrieval difficult. An in-the-cloud LIMS provides the opportunity to the small and medium -sized labs to automate their operations using a cost effective solution. It offers low initial cost of ownership, rapid deployment and no internal IT resources, either hardware or personnel

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