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DUE MARCH 24, 2017: Request for Information - Water Information Management Software

70--RFI USGS Discrete Water Information Management Software Attachment
Solicitation Number: G17PS00285
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: U. S. Geological Survey
Location: USGS - All Offices

Response Date: March 24, 2017

Request for Information (RFI) - The U. S. Geological Survey is conducting market research to determine whether the commercial market is capable of providing comprehensive data management capabilities for discrete water information, including but not limited to water-chemistry data, biological-assessment data, water-use data, and location or site metadata. The purpose of this RFI is to obtain market research information from the business community to assist the government in determining how to proceed with replacing the aging software systems that currently house our water-chemistry and biological-assessment data. 

For more information (US Gov't website):

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