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JANUARY 26, 2017: The Top Five Mistakes Made in Selecting a LIMS and how to fix them


The LIMS selection process poses many risks to an organization. It is widely known that over 50% of LIMS implementations fail outright or do not satisfy all the needs of the stakeholders. However, most decision makers don’t realize that a LIMS failure is often determined at the selection stage. This webinar will examine the top 5 mistakes companies make when selecting a LIMS and how to avoid them. Along the way, we will review recent case studies from the field, providing you with the practical knowledge you need to set yourself for success.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • Most common reasons that LIMS selection processes fail
  • Selection criteria that matters the most
  • How requirements gathering fits into the selection process
  • Real world examples of LIMS selection failures

Who should attend?

  • Lab Operations
  • Lab Directors
  • Lab Informatics Professionals
  • Lab Information Technology Professionals
  • Purchasing Managers

About the Speaker

Robert Walla is a Principle at Astrix Technology Group

Mr. Walla is an Astrix founder and responsible for the growth and strategic direction of the Professional Services Division.  He has over twenty years of experience in laboratory informatics including overseeing large global informatics projects.   Mr. Walla has a B.S. in Chemistry from Rutgers University.

The session will last approximately 45 Minutes and include a live Q&A with Robert at the end.

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