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Dietary and Nutritional Laboratory LIMS purchase

Dietary and Nutritional Laboratory request for a LIMS bid.  Budget has been approved expected purchase data January 2017. RFQ has been prepared.
The preliminary search has yielded the following requirements:
  1. Desire a browser based program, SQL database
  2. Web portal for clients to complete sample log in, view in process information and receive reports
  3. Alert functions per client's request for information related to their products and processes as they progress through the lab
  4. Easy ad-hock sample log in
  5. QuickBooks import from the LIMS  Accounting will be from QuickBooks
  6. Stability test protocols per USP or NSF
  7. ISO 17025 integration of Quality including reporting of Quality incidents; QC control of standards
  8. Training 
  9. Chemical Inventory and equipment maintenance and performance
The LIMS company will need to demonstrate the strength of their company through providing references and visits at existing laboratories using their LIMS.  LIMS company needs to demonstrate 100% integrity in representing their program.
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Posted by: Summit Nutritional Laboratories on Dec 08,16| Profile| LIMS - Laboratory Information Management Systems


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