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Webinar: Reduce cost, reduce risk, improve lab efficiency with LabVantage Pharma.

Webinar: Reduce cost, reduce risk, improve lab efficiency with LabVantage Pharma.


Are you looking to improve processes within your pharmaceutical lab? Are you burdened with complex legacy systems that manage your quality samples, testing and allied business processes? With a LabVantage Pharma LIMS solution, you can enhance your laboratory efficiency, while reducing complexity and costs.

The LabVantage Pharma LIMS solution is pre-validated, preconfigured, easy-to-use, and can help you manage your product lifecycle for R&D and quality management testing.

Learn more. Join us for a free archived webinar. Click here.

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Posted by: LABVANTAGE on Nov 09,16| Profile| LIMS - Laboratory Information Management Systems


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