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Become a LIMSfinder Sponsor

Become a LIMSfinder Sponsor

Become a Supplier Member of and promote your company's products, services and solutions.

Supplier Members have benefits not offered by any other LIMS and Laboratory Informatics Publication on or off the Internet.

Market Exposure & Leads:

  • Your company logo is listed on the Home Page and weekly newsletter with links directly to your specified web site.
  • You get brand exposure to a newsletter circulation of over 50,000 per month.
  • Your articles, news and other information are published on our weekly newsletter for marketing exposure like none other.
  • You get exposure to a highly targeted base of customers with over 30,000 site visitors per month.
  • LIMSfinder offers readers (your customers) what they want: news, jobs, bid opportunities, informative articles, product information and so much more.  LIMSfinder has more content for the Laboratory Informatics buyer than any other source on the Internet today and that information grows monthly by nearly 1000 new pages per month.  Compare this to any other source.
  • All published information is syndicated to numerous other web sites via RSS syndication.  This is a rapidly growing news syndication facility that rewards sites like LIMSfinder with enormous amounts of web traffic.
  • With your Supplier Membership, you also get a free 468x60 banner ad that will be run throughout the site with unlimited exposures and click throughs at no additional charge.

You're in Control:

  • Unlimited self publishing capabilities to post news, jobs, articles, product and service information, events, and much more....
  • You earn your way to the top of the listing by publishing information.  The more you publish the higher your logo is listed.  The number one position is attained by the supplier who posts the most.  You cannot buy your way to the top.  You can earn it.  This serves you, and our readers.
  • You get a store front that you can login to and update existing information and post new information any time you want.


For only 2,895 per year  all of these benefits and more are provided to you for your marketing and sales success.  Compare this with any other marketing venue on the Internet today and you will see the tremendous value.  Compare this to what you might spend on print ads!  There is no other marketing value that can compare.

To order, contact:

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