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Get the latest LIMS News with the LIMSfinder RSS/XML feed

News Reader programs are a very popular tool for users to keep up with topics they have an interest in. is the first news source devoted to LIMS and Laboratory Informatics that is publishing a news feed devoted to this subject area.  In addition to keeping up with news, you will see job postings and bid opportunities.

What Is RSS?

The term RSS refers to a syndication format, sometimes known as Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. Each RSS feed is simply a text document containing a list of content items. The text document contains the headline, description and link for content items available on a web site.

For example, the News RSS feed contains a list of the current top stories containing only the headline, link and description of each article.

Why RSS?

This format may look strange in a web browser, perhaps even unreadable, but there are a range of tools and technologies that leverage this common standard formatting. Similarly, HTML tagging, the code behind a web page, is unreadable unless viewed via a web browser which understands how to present the HTML code. Rather than use a web browser or even a text editor to view a particular RSS feed, you will view RSS feeds through RSS readers.

What are RSS readers?

RSS readers allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds much like web browsers allow you to view web pages. The RSS reader will automatically update on some regular schedule and display the new articles from the feeds you have supplied to the reader. Some RSS readers notify you when a new item has appeared from one of your feeds.

This format for consuming information has a lot of interesting possibilities, including the common perception that information can be consumed in greater volume via RSS than by browsing from web site to web site.

How do I get started?

To get started, you will need a News Reader if you do not have one already.  There are many good News Reader software packages that are free for download and use.  One such package that I use is

I have my RSS reader. Now what?

After obtaining your RSS reader, you can then subscribe to RSS feeds. First, select RSS feeds from the content providers that interest you. Or you may identify feeds on web sites, often marked by a small orange XML button.

When you have opened the RSS feed in your browser and see the XML data, then highlight the URL of that feed and copy it to your clipboard. Then, return to your RSS reader and follow the instructions for your particular reader for adding a new feed. The URL you copied to your clipboard will be the location your RSS reader will require to subscribe to that feed.

Where are RSS feeds?

Right Here and throughout the site:

There are now thousands of news sources on the Internet that allow you to subscribe to their news feeds. is just one of those sources. 

If you see the following symbol:   this indicates that this is a news feed that you can subscribe to with your news reader. For instance, if you want to subscribe to the news feed, you would click on the  symbol and copy the link shown in the web address box in your web browser and then paste that link into your news reader software in the appropriate area.

How can I post LIMSfinder feeds on my web site?

Use the following form and past one of the RSS links from the list below into this form and you can create a set of Java Script code that you can past into your site to display the feed in html:

LIMSFinder RSS Listing
23, October, 2017 LIMSFinder RSS View
Feed View Weblog
View announcements
View articles
View bidops
View contacts
View demos
View events
View groups
View industries
View jobboard
View limsblog
View links
View magazines
View news
View organizations
View podcasts
View products
View rss
View services
View surveys
View webcasts
Feed View Category
View 1-General (no specific category)
View 1-General Software (not categorized)
View 21 CFR Part 11
View Agriculture
View Barcoding / RFID
View Bioinformatics
View Biotechnology
View Calculation Tools and Math Software
View CDS - Chromatography Data Systems
View Chemical Formulation & Molecular Modeling
View Chemical Processing
View Clinical
View Commercial Testing
View Compliance
View Consulting, Other
View Customer Service & Contact Management
View Data Mining for Drug Discovery
View Device Testing
View Document Management
View Education
View ELN - Electronic Lab Notebook
View Environmental
View Facilities & Asset Management
View Food & Beverage
View Forensics
View Handheld Technology
View Industry Solutions
View Inspection & Monitoring
View Instrument Calibration & Maintenance
View Instrument Software and Interfaces
View Internet Hosted Software
View ISO 17025 / Guide 25
View Knowledge Management
View Lab Jobs and Career Services
View Laboratory Automation
View Life Sciences
View LIMS - Laboratory Information Management Systems
View LIMS Consulting
View LIS - Lab Information Systems
View Manufacturing
View Material Testing
View Metrology
View Mining & Geology
View MSDS Data Management
View Nuclear
View Oil & Gas
View Pharmaceutical
View Reference Libraries & Databases
View Research
View Safety Tracking & Compliance
View SDMS - Scientific Data Management Software
View Service Providers
View Software / Hardware
View Software Development
View Statistics & Control Charting
View Supplies Procurement & Inventory Management
View Systems Integrators
View Toxicology
View Training and Certification Tracking
View Training Courses & Software
View Utilities
View Veterinary
View Waste Disposal Management
View Water / Wastewater
Feed View Supplier
View Abbott Informatics
View Agaram Technologies
View ApolloLims / Common Cents Systems, Inc.
View Astrix Technology Group
View Autoscribe / Autoscribe Informatics, Inc.
View Blaze Systems Corporation
View Cambridge Healthtech Institute
View CloudLIMS
View Computing Solutions, Inc.
View CSols Inc.
View Genohm
View Industrial Lab Automation
View IQPC 3rd Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labeling For
View IQPC Clinical Trial Supply Logistics & Temperature
View IQPC Cold Chain Global Forum Spring
View IQPC Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum
View Khemia
View LABLynx, Inc.
View Psyche Systems
View Thermo Fisher Scientific

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